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20. Izvozni Fokus

20. Izvozni Fokus
June 24, 2020 Kolektor ETRA

20th Izvozni Fokus, event organized by newspaper Finance took place on June 23rd. Our Procurator and Commercial Director of Kolektor Etra, Mr. Peter Novak, together with Mr. Matjaž Čemažar, director of Domel, participated in an interactive conversation on the topic of responding to the post-corona recession.
Mr. Novak presented the measures introduced by Kolektor Etra during the Covid-19 epidemic and highlighted the new practices in operation, business and customer relations that have developed during this time. “Skype meetings, both internal and with customers, and a new way of performing factory measurements remotely with the help of modern digital technology have proven to be very effective, which we will certainly use in the future,” said Mr. Novak.
When asked, what are the key emphases for the successful operation of the company in times of crisis and after, he emphasized that the key is the diversification of sales into several markets and the company’s adaptability to changing circumstances and customer needs.