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Author archive for Kolektor ETRA

  • Kolektor Etra acquired an ownership stake in the company Primabiro

    In September, Kolektor Etra acquired an ownership stake in the company Primabiro, located in Čakovec, Croatia. The company is specialized…

  • Development of the Upper Soča Valley with help of Kolektor Etra transformers!

    Kolektor Etra will contribute to a more reliable electricity supply and thus development in the Upper Soča Valley.   In…

  • 20. Izvozni Fokus

    20th Izvozni Fokus, event organized by newspaper Finance took place on June 23rd. Our Procurator and Commercial Director of Kolektor…

  • Transformers of rated power 410 MVA and 275 kV rated voltage will be shipped to US

    Based on good references from Europe and the experience our customers have with us, we have received an offer to…

  • Kolektor Etra has entered the Northern Ireland markets

    After several years of pre-qualification procedures through which the customer made sure that we met all the technical requirements and…

  • Kolektor Etra acquired company Weltech in Poland

    On the November 8th, Kolektor Etra completed acquisition process to acquire company Weltech from Myslowice. Company is located northwest of…

  • Kolektor Etra will deliver transformers also to USA

    Our first order for US consists of delivery of two power transformers of rated power of 110 MVA (138 kV)…

  • Kolektor Etra signed first 400/115 kV/kV auto-transformer deal for Electricity Network of Serbia

    Electricity Network of Serbia (EMS) is a Serbian national transmission system operator company with the headquarters in Belgrade, Serbia. They…

  • Kolektor Etra has signed the largest contract in the history of factory

    August 13rd 2019 was a historical day for Kolektor Etra. We have signed the largest contract in the history of…