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Author archive for Kolektor ETRA

  • Stuttgarter Hochspannungssymposium 2020

    Kolektor Etra is one of the main sponsors of The Stuttgarter Hochspannungssymposium 2020. The content of the Symposium are new…

  • Kolektor Etra acquired company Weltech in Poland

    On the November 8th, Kolektor Etra completed acquisition process to acquire company Weltech from Myslowice. Company is located northwest of…

  • Kolektor Etra will deliver transformers also to USA

    Our first order for US consists of delivery of two power transformers of rated power of 110 MVA (138 kV)…

  • Kolektor Etra signed first 400/115 kV/kV auto-transformer deal for Electricity Network of Serbia

    Electricity Network of Serbia (EMS) is a Serbian national transmission system operator company with the headquarters in Belgrade, Serbia. They…

  • Kolektor Etra has signed the largest contract in the history of factory

    August 13rd 2019 was a historical day for Kolektor Etra. We have signed the largest contract in the history of…