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Kolektor ETRA - References

References of Kolektor ETRA Transformers (simple view)

Legend of Symbols
ANT – three phase autotransformer with OFF-LOAD tap changer
ART – three phase autotransformer with ON-LOAD tap changer
BT – three phase generator (block) transformer
NT, VT – three phase transformer with OFF-LOAD tap changer
RT – three phase transformer with ON-LOAD tap changer
ERT – single phase transformer with ON-LOAD tap changer
UT – three phase converter transformer
M – transformer filled with organic ester MIDEL 7131

*** Refurbishment of an used transformer. New design for replacement of all windings , windings connections and oil. Load losses reduced. Restacking of magnetic core and replacement of damaged core laminations. Tested with full test voltages.

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