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Kolektor ETRA - References

References of Kolektor ETRA Transformers (simple view)

Legend of Symbols
ANT – three phase autotransformer with OFF-LOAD tap changer
ART – three phase autotransformer with ON-LOAD tap changer
BT – three phase generator (block) transformer
NT, VT – three phase transformer with OFF-LOAD tap changer
RT – three phase transformer with ON-LOAD tap changer
ERT – single phase transformer with ON-LOAD tap changer
UT – three phase converter transformer
M – transformer filled with organic ester MIDEL 7131

*** Refurbishment of an used transformer. New design for replacement of all windings , windings connections and oil. Load losses reduced. Restacking of magnetic core and replacement of damaged core laminations. Tested with full test voltages.


In the last decade, KOLEKTOR ETRA has taken over demanding offshore projects and became a renowned supplier of offshore power transformers. We have successfully installed many offshore power transformers with the combined power of 3020 MVA, located mostly in the North Sea and the Baltic Sea. At the moment, there are several ongoing offshore projects, not only in the northern seas, but also in USA and Taiwan. Our offshore references are gathered and presented in an interactive application, where you can view the map of countries, wind farms and platform locations and see where our transformers are already installed or will be in the near future. We also included some details of each project. This app will be updated regularly with new offshore projects.

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